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  • A therapy aid device product line

A silent communication device with Remote control keyfob unit and quiet signal light for therapy control preference


'The Silent Communicator'

A silent signaling device developed for therapy sessions, table massage sessions, and intimate play ZENTROLLER.COM

With the Zentroller Silent Communicator, you can communicate without talking. During a massage, it may be hard to talk with your face down, but now you can focus on the area that needs attention, optimize the pressure depth of massage with the click of a button. The Zentroller device has a controller to signal silent direction to the massage therapist. Once the user clicks one of the 5 defined commands the light will signal the massage therapist immediately. The user controller has a light which defines which direction is currently activated for illumination and provides easy visual guidance without speaking

  • A silent communication device with Remote control keyfob unit and silent signal light for therapy control preference
  • Now there is a way to experience a completely relaxing and effortlessly silent therapy communication like never before. Our user remote keyfob is a compact design with a soft sleek plastic button design. Use up to five control settings with user indicator lights. Communicate to move left or right easily and with the ease of a silent click
  • 110 Lumen Brightness
  • 3.98 x 2.24 x 2.05 inches
  • Designed In The USA
  • 110 Lumen Lights
  • Risks and challenges
  • The challenges we face involve item development and production sources. Over time we hope to complete them but we are still working to make that a reality.
  • Learn about accountability on Kickstarter
  • Environmental commitments
  • Visit our Environmental Resources Center to learn how Kickstarter encourages sustainable practices.
  • Long-lasting design
  • The device we are producing is water resistant and particle resistant which should increase the longevity of the Zentroller. This device has multiple applications for reuse
  • Reusability and recyclability
  • We are using 100% recyclable shipping materials and the device has a rechargeable power source to recharge quickly for reusability
  • Sustainable materials
  • We ship supporting documentation on low-impact, sustainable materials
  • Environmentally friendly factories
  • This product has a low sound resonance system which can signal without noise pollution
  • Sustainable Distribution
  • We will only ship using cost-effective and sustainable ground transportation to eliminate air and plane pollution
  • Something else
  • As a mean of sustainable practice, is fully green and has no internal paper use or waste

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